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Our Story

One of our founders has two daughters who suffer from Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) which is an inherited blood disorder that causes red blood cells (RBCs) to become sickle-shaped through the presence of the abnormal hemoglobin S variant. Highly rigid sickle-shaped blood may have difficulty passing through small blood vessels, blocking the normal blood flow, causing very severe pain crises often ending in ER visits and hospitalizations. Also, causing damaging tissues, and ultimately leading to many of the complications of SCD (such as organ failures).

Through all that he had been through with both of girls and all the parents he met and talked to during those hundreds of hospital stays, he realized the pain that families who have a chronic illness (Sickle cell, Cystic Fibrosis, Cancer, Diabetes, Blood pressure, Rheumatoid, depression, etc.) suffering member endure to keep track of all the different episodes (vitals, pain, mood episode). 

And this led to the birth of Healthcarelogy. It first started as a small tool for his daughters to track their pain episodes and the intake of the medications (mostly opioids) took up a more diverse function used today by researchers to interact with the study participants, by families to keep up with their loved one’s health and higher patient engagement.

Our organization believes in giving back to the community. We will be donating 10% of our profits to cancer and blood disorder organizations.


For Patients

Empower yourself by knowing your records. You can manage (vital signs, medications adherence, pain, mood, etc.), share your health records and collaborate with your caregiver. Interested in using our app?

For Medical Tourism patients, you can upload and share your complete medical file, have it available anywhere and share with providers all over the world.

For Healthcare Professionals

Insurance companies, pharmacies, doctors, researchers, hospitals, clinics or others. As professionals, you can use the Healthcarelogy platform to engage with and follow your patients, manage their data and collaborate with other caregivers. Interested in working together?

For Institutions

Schools, Universities, sports teams, Fitness Centers and other private companies are using our platform for students Health Management: Using the Healthcarelogy Platform, the officials can manage and plan all their members’ health records.  Nurses and athletic trainers can track different activities including the evolution of treatments, vaccination, epidemic control and many more. Interested in working together?

For Governments

Public Health Management: Using the Healthcarelogy Platform, public officials can manage and plan public health. Such activities include vaccination, epidemic control and many more. You can get an alert for a specific symptom or a disease. Interested in working together?


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